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Band: Jasun Tipton

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Jasun Tipton is the guitar player for Zero Hour. He has recorded a self-released EP as a solo effort. While the focus here is on slow jazz, I still felt inclined to include it so fans of Zero Hour will know it exists. It's a little soft for my tastes, but everything is well-done. Jazz fans should appreciate it.

Added on 6/17/2002 5:00 AM by jimbobhickville | Last updated on 11/13/2005 6:30 PM by jimbobhickville

Current (or Last Known) Lineup

Past Lineup (Members Who Never Appeared on an Album)

Discography (2 Releases)

2005 - Seduction by Jasun Tipton

2000 - Night's Pulse (EP) by Jasun Tipton


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