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Band: Harppia

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This band was founded in 1982 in Sao Paulo and named after the big jungle eagle. The Harpya took off to release two wonderful Metal albums, which were the best ever released in Brazil in the 80s. Sadly, this was also unknown elsewhere, as only wild Thrash was exported. In 1982 the two guitar players Helcia Aguirra and Marcos Patriota founded the band under the name VIA LACTEA (Milky Way). They soon realized, that this name was not very cool for a Metal band and changed the name in 1983. At this time the drummer Tiberio Correra and bass player Ricardo Ravache of the band AERO PLANE joined too. Together they recorded the first master piece. This mini LP not only delivers timeless good Metal, but also has a brilliant cover. After that there seems to have been a big problem in the band, as Marcos and Ricardo went to CENTURIAS and Helcio to GOLPE DE ESTADO. Only drummer Tiberio was left, and he found the in the Rock scene known singer Percy Weiss and two others for the band.
 Together they recorded the second album for "Rock Brigade" in 1987, which is also a great album, but does not reach the high class of the first. It also has a wonderful Metal eagle cover. After that, the band again falls apart. Guitar player Flavio founded LYNX and Percy Weiss sang in some other projects. It became very quiet around Tiberio's band, and only 10 years later, with a new team, was a third album released. 1996 they sing in English and are only four members. Bass player Claudio Cruz, from the second album, joins again and the two others are new. The CD has some good tracks, but does not reach the level of the old heroic records. Tiberio continued with the band till end of the 90s. He is one of the most known drummers in the country and has an own drumm business! Dan Beeler from Exciter was one of his customers, and some international bands used his equipment when they played in Brazil (like METALLICA and EXCITER)
What then happened with HARPPIA is very confusing! Suddenly in 2002 appeared HARPPIA again on a festival, ....but without any member of the 90s line up, ....but with original members, singer Jack Santiago und bass player Ricardo Ravache!! They are joined by the drummer Fabricio Ravelli from the argentinian band ANIMAL! Together with guitar player Kleber Fabianni (a IGT student) they play now a lot live, and a new album is planned!
The old guitarrist Helcio Aguirra played in the 90s in the progressive Hard Rock band MOBILIS STABILIS and recorded a CD with them.

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