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Band: Defloration

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Defloration from Jena/Thuringia was founded in the early year of 2001 by Bertram Tischendorf, Marko Reppe and Christian Förster. Some Months later Uwe Rödel joined the band and the first line up was complete. After two years of intense exercising they decide to record their first four song demo called “Defloration” in the “Rape of Harmonies” Studio in February2003. The reactions to this demo were very good and it results the first Live Concerts with bands like OBSCENITY, CRYPTIC WINTERMOON, MANOS, DEATH REALITY and FINAL BREATH. In January 2004 they wrote enough new song material to record their Demo MCD “Misanthropic Instinct” in the “Rape of Harmonies” Studio again. The reactions to this demo were likewise very euphoric and SUFFER PRODUCTIONS decide to release the two demos on a split CD with Spanish STRANGLED in February 2005. With this new material they applied for the WACKEN METAL BATTLE 2005 and won the battle in Thuringia directly. At the beginning of 2005 Sebastian Lau a very talented guitar player joined the band and completed the line up. In March 2005 they visit the SOUNDLODGE Studio (where bands like OBSCENITY, DEATH REALITY or FEARER recorded in the past) for the first time to record their first full length album “Dripping with blood”. With this material they got signed by Remission Records. After one year, it was time for the second full length Album. At this time they visit the KOHLEKELLER Studio to record "THE BONE COLLECTION". This album is a further development to "Dripping with Blood" and should be heared be every Death Metal fan.The sound of DEFLORATION is oriented to American bands like CANNIBAL CORPSE, DYING FETUS or SUFFOCATION.
In the short band history, Defloration shared the stage with Bands like ABORTED, VADER, PRO-PAIN, BELPHEGOR, PUNGENT STENCH, ILLDISPOSED, DISBELIEF and much more...

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Current (or Last Known) Lineup

Musician Instruments Currently Also In Used To Be In Guest Appearances
Christian Förster (as Försti) Drums
Sebastian Lau Guitar
Marko Reppe (as Repper) Bass
Uwe Rödel Vocals
Bertram Tischendorf Guitar

Past Lineup (Members Who Never Appeared on an Album)

Discography (1 Releases)

2007 - The Bone Collection by Defloration

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