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ARSAMES is a thrash / death metal band from the northeastern city of Mashhad in the Islamic Republic of Iran.  Formed in 2002 by band leader and skin pounder Ali Madarshahi and Hamid Yousefi, guitarist extraordinare, who were the oldest metalheads in Iran!   Arsames really began to develop its true potential with the addition of a great new musician and bass player called Ali Sanaie.  They started writing songs, creating hard driving riffs and practicing them at the same time. But the necessity of another guitar player became obvious to attain a fuller sound. Therefore, Ali Azhari was recruited as a temporary guitar player just for playing solo parts in the first ARSAMES demo piece (Cyclopia).

They are currently working on several arrangements that they are eager to release in the form of an album to show their Iranian metal fans as well as the rest of the world that Iran is a great country with lots of talent and potential.  They are determined to prove that metal music can greatly benefit from Eastern music with its heavenly melodies and harmonies. Arsames is a metal band that respects social policies of its society.  Their goal is to be a creative conduit through which the fusion of western style and eastern passion can meld to become the kind of borderless metal music all the metalheads in the world can headbang to their hearts' content.

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2006 - Cyclopia by Arsames


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