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Band: Teratism

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Teratism began in 1997. Longtime friends/bandmates Rob Brown and Scott Goodale, stuck in a bland scene & sick of playing in bands that weren't as heavy as they would've liked, began writing the riffs and lyrics that would serve as the foundation for Teratism. In early 1998, Rob had been playing bass in the band COH, with Nelson Correia on drums. Scott joined the band soon after, and when the band split early that summer, the three decided to stay together and write the music that they wanted. At the time, Massachusetts was dominated by hardcore and punk rock, and Teratism cared little about pleasing anyone but themselves. Their recipe was simple: fast, technical guitars, multi-ranged dual vocals, and blasting drums, all mixed with a perfect amount of slam.

Over the next two years, Teratism played countless shows, getting praise from both fans and the bands they played with. They quickly recorded their first album, "The Human Animal Preserved," and got great reviews. The local scene was diminishing, but through constant mail order and trading, Teratism was spreading its name and music both nation and worldwide.

Due to the lack of a scene in Boston, the band took a hiatus, concentrating on other projects and school. They continued to spread their cd through mail order and trades, and as the scene picked up in 2002, even repressed "Human Animal." At this time, the New England death metal scene had begun to pick up, and Teratism began writing and playing shows again. Rob had now switched over to guitar, and the band, skeptic about bringing in a fourth member, performed without a bassist. In 2004 they released "Service For The Damned" on Pathos Productions, and quickly established themselves as one of the most brutal bands in the now flourishing scene.

Mike O'Meara (ex- Ascendancy) joined on bass in February 2005, raising the bar on technicality and detail, while fitting in perfectly with Teratism's high energy live performances. The band continued playing shows and had begun writing material for their next album, when Nelson decided to leave. After a few short months and many tryouts, the final piece fell into place. In September, Jay Blaisdell (ex-Goratory) joined on drums, adding precision and talent unmatched by any other. With their perfect rhythm section, Teratism is now ready to crush all in their path.

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Current (or Last Known) Lineup

Musician Instruments Currently Also In Used To Be In Guest Appearances
Jay Blaisdell Drums Goratory
Rob Brown Vocals, Guitar
Scott Goodale Vocals, Guitar
Michael O'Meara Bass

Past Lineup (Members Who Never Appeared on an Album)

Discography (2 Releases)

2004 - Service For The Damned by Teratism


1999 - The Human Animal Preserved by Teratism


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