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Band: Leukorrhea

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Leukorrhea was formed in 2000 by three people who had no real idea what the others were about. After jamming only once, the band had written a very sick tune and it was then that we realized we should pursue this further. After weeks of steady practice and writing, 2 more members were brought into the fold. Within three months we recorded our first demo "Hymns Of The Rotting". Minus the fact it was recorded on a spliced reel-to-reel we decided to throw the track on a couple compilations and get the name circulated.

Meanwhile Bill from Forever Underground Records contacted us after hearing one of the tracks from the demo. He wanted to put out our 1st full length CD and we agreed pretty much right away. Soon afterward we went into the studio to record "Hatefucked And Tortured". It was released in August 2001 at the Milwaukee Metalfest (also just a year after the band formed). After many shows, fests, etc Bill put together a tour (in April 2002) w/ Maltese death metal band Beheaded, Putrilage and Leukorrhea. It was his first tour, our first tour and spanned 30 days. Some filled with pure havoc and dementia others with... well with beers mostly.

After getting back home, and dealing with a few more member changes the band has remained steady. We got in touch with some people and got two split deals going. One with Suture and Lehavoth (on The Spew Records) and one with Eternal Ruin (on Amputated Vein Records). Both were recorded pretty quickly, and were released in 2003. We also recorded a cover of the Death song "The Philosopher" for a tribute album released on Mondogo Canibale Records (which has been released). 2003 has already been a very busy year for us. After writing the material and recording for the splits we started really thinking about our next full length and what we wanted to do. After many conversations as a band we decided we wanted to see if we could find a different label to release the second disc. We shopped some stuff around and were answered back by Roger Beaujard (Primitive Recordings/ Mortician/ Malignancy/ Prosthetic Cunt, etc, etc). Again new ideas were tossed around and we came to an agreement.

In August 2003 Leukorrhea travelled on down to PA to the Primitive Recordings studio. It was an interesting weekend of constant brutality as new tracks were forged and recorded onto disc. March 16th, 2005 "Breeding Salvation" was released.

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Current (or Last Known) Lineup

Musician Instruments Currently Also In Used To Be In Guest Appearances
Nate DeMontigny Vocals
Ron Greene Guitar
Mike McPherson Drums Godless Rising
Anthony Paulini Guitar

Past Lineup (Members Who Never Appeared on an Album)

Discography (4 Releases)

2005 - Breeding Salvation by Leukorrhea

2003 - Denied Existence by Leukorrhea

2003 - The Sick, The Dead, The Rotten (split with Leukorrhea / Suture)

2001 - Hatefucked and Tortured by Leukorrhea

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