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Band: Complex 7

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Complex 7's first album has a bit of a Coroner meets Prototype feel, and the later stuff is like a colder, more technical version of Fates Warning (similar to Manitou). Vocals are the sort of yelled, semi-melodic style popular to the Bay Area thrash bands, but more mid-range.

A new CD is in the works, but no release date has been announced. They say "Complex 7 is in a thrash-metal-mood again", so I guess a return to the style of the debut is to be expected.

Added on 7/29/2003 5:00 AM by jimbobhickville | Last updated on 4/17/2007 6:06 PM by jimbobhickville

Current (or Last Known) Lineup

Musician Instruments Currently Also In Used To Be In Guest Appearances
Björn Müller Bass
Guido Schneider Drums
Arne Schuppner Guitar
Norbert Vornam Vocals Squealer

Past Lineup (Members Who Never Appeared on an Album)

Discography (3 Releases)

2009 - c7.09 by Complex 7

2003 - Process by Complex 7

2001 - Water by Complex 7

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